The Fullerton Cove Residents Action Group has won, it’s legal action in the Land and Environment Court, to halt a coal seam gas project in the area.

The decision means Dart Energy can’t proceed with operations while another hearing is held into the approval of its exploration license.

The group believes the license should have been assessed under a different section of the Environmental Protection Act which requires tougher environmental assessments.


  1. I’ve been morally/ethically supportive of the residents of Fullerton Cove. We are facing the same demon up here – and believe me it IS a demon. Best wishes to them in their most justified opposal to the ‘project’ at Fullerton Cove. It’s a sad day in our Nation’s history when regular people have to take such means in order to protect their children/neighbour’s/communities future – well done residents.

  2. Lock The Gate MEDIA RELEASE – Dart should cut its losses and leave Fullerton Cove: The Lock the Gate Alliance has called on Dart Energy to cut its losses and get out of Fullerton Cove after its disastrous loss in court today.
    The Land and Environment Court has granted an injunction sought by the Fullerton Cove Residents Action Group to halt Dart Energy’s coal seam gas project.

    This means that Dart cannot proceed with work on its exploration licence until after after the residents’ case against the NSW State Government’s approval of the project is heard in the Land and Environment Court.

    This case will be heard some time after 28 September.

    The local group blockaded the company’s attempts to bring a drill rig into the community all last week.

    Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said the company is on a ‘hiding to nothing’ by attempting to continue work at the Fullerton Cove site.

    “The Court is not likely to give a judgment on this case for several months and, during that time, Dart will be able to do no more than build a road into the property and a drill pad,” Mr Hutton said.

    “They will certainly not be able to bring drill rigs into the property and anyway, we are confident the residents action group will win their court action to require a tougher environmental assessment of the project.

    “The opposition at Fullerton Cove is the front line of the battle by residents groups all over New South Wales to protect their communities against irresponsible resource extraction.”

  3. Thank you to a great community for caring for our children’s future and demanding a fair go. Your resilience and dedication is admirable.

  4. Great result. Those who were arrested and fined are vindicated and should get an apology from the police. Well done!

  5. A great result for community action and civil disobedience. I hope that the court case means and end to Dart’s drilling in Fullerton Cove (and anywhere else too.) Great to see people standing up to the coal seam gas industry. Congratulations to all involved.

  6. Let’s hope that this is the end of CSG in Fullerton Cove, it is one the best aquifers for Hunter Water after all, and that means the water supply for the Lower Hunter!

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