What’s instore for the next 48 hours? Gav has the latest. Video follows text.

“Well would you look at that, we haven’t seen that for a very long time, not very often in the past summer, in fact not very often in the last two summers. That is because of two consecutive La Nina’s years. But the La Nina has officially come to an end, as we looked at yesterday, and we should see more of those clearer skies across the country.

The monsoon trough is well and truly drifting back now towards the equator, across the equator and moving back into the Northern hemisphere. Then the northern hemisphere moves into it’s wet season as our top end moves into it’s dry season.

Frontal activity is starting to occur, we had our first one that was the first south west feed that dry polar air coming up last weekend. We’ll probably get a few more of those in the coming days, they are starting to brew now just ripping through the Roaring Forties and every now and then we get those lovely fronts that come up.

But overall very quiet, not too much in the way of moisture across the nation. But we do have a weak little tough line that has been lingering, it’s been firing up some thunderstorms this afternoon and we’ll see some more again, mostly across the Greater Hunter and adjacent ranges. So along that divide up to the northern tablelands is where we are seeing some instability and we’ll see that again tomorrow.

This is an interesting one for surfers, we’ve got a nice little deepening trough off the coast as well, that’s trying to spiral up the rotation of the earth, that’s called the Coriolis Effect. It’s trying to spin that extra mass in the atmosphere so we get a little low out there that will generate swell for board riders, and we’ll see a little more southerly influence move along the coast so we’ll see a burst of showers that will increase across the coast east of the divide throughout tomorrow and that should be just about it.

We’ve got a succession of fronts coming through. These will move through, clear that moisture, then we are in for a really nice run for all of the broadcast region right across the weekend and into the early part of next weekend shaping up very nicely.”