Central Wyong and Gosford Kariong Storm have been dumped from the Central Coast Rugby League competition.

The Razorbacks who won the third grade premiership last year, have over 70 players signed for the 2012 season.

Meanwhile, the Storm claims over 30 senior players will be denied the opportunity to participate.

At a general meeting of the Central Coast Division last night both clubs failed to secure enough votes to remain in the competition.


  1. i think it stinks to as our juniors look up to the seniors players and been great support from the seniors to help me and my under 13’s to grand final victory last year.I know that the boys and I were looking forward for there training sessions with all you guys. keep fighting boys to the end as we need you guys to be a part of club.

  2. Very sad to hear. It must be disapointing for the players and the club. I have a son who plays in the junior competition and it can only be a positive for rugby league to have senior players around a club for these younger players to learn from. I hope these players are not lost to the game and I hope this is resolved so that these men can do what they do best and that is to enjoy playing the game of rugby league that they love!

  3. I personally believe that kicking two clubs out of the draw is ridiculous. These men enjoy playing rugby league, getting out on the fields and being role models for the juniors in there respective clubs. What message is this sending to the juniors. If you want juniors to follow through and play when they get older let us have the clubs in the comp

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