NBN, a foundation member of Together Today, is proudly displaying a marine sculpture made from recycled water bottles in the foyer of its Newcastle headquarters.

The sculpture was created in response to the “Hit the Bottle” campaign initiated by ABC Radio and Hunter Water in March this year to highlight the amount of plastic we use and its effects on the environment. It also to brings to our attention water conservation and pollution control.

There was a huge response from the people of the Hunter with enough water bottles to make a fantastic artwork. For every five plastic water bottles donated, a complimentary metal, refillable water bottle was handed out. While Artists Jane Gillings and Alison McDonald were creating the artwork, children through the school holiday program and members of the public visited the Gallery to view the work in progress.

The artwork is now on a tour of the city, including the foyers of some of the Together Today foundation members. It began at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, moved onto Hunter Water and then TAFE and now with NBN. It will then move onto the Newcastle City Library, Macquarie Generation and returning to the ABC Radio in July where it will be auctioned off. The proceeds will be going to the not for profit charity, Marine Coastal Community Network.