Dialysis patients who are forced to sit for long periods during treatment are benefiting from a donation designed to make life a little easier.

The Lions Club has stepped in where the state government wouldn’t, to provide the comfort of new chairs.

These patients spend up to six hours a day, three days a week connected to a machine simply to stay alive.

Their kidneys don’t work, and so Dialysis is needed to purify the blood.

Spending all that time sitting down can be very uncomfortable, especially for the elderly, prompting the Lions Club to donate 10 motorised chairs at a cost of $50,000, to replace the old manually operated ones.

Hunter New England Health Spokesperson Kelly Adams says “the chairs are fully automated so the patients can now adjust their back rests and leg rests, instead of waiting for a nurse to adjust them, they can now adjust it themselves.”

Janet Ryan says the new chairs have dramatically increased her comfort level.

Michael Morris from Charlestown Lions Club says “It’s an arduous position to be sitting for that many hours a day, so the more we can make it comfortable for them.”