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It’s an illness that affects thousands of Australians – but isn’t recognised by medical authorities. Last year, NBN News told the story of Tahlia Smith, a young woman in the fight of her life with Lyme Disease, who was desperately trying to raise funds to undergo treatment in Germany. Well, Tahlia made it – and the difference is truly remarkable. Here’s the first part of our feature about Tahlia’s journey.

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Lyme disease is a bacterial illness spread by tick bites. The effects are devastating. Tahlia had been accepted to study a diploma in musical theatre at Sydney’s Brent Street, as well as at Melbourne’s Film and Television Studio International. She’s made several trips to America to pursue her dream of becoming an actress- and it’s on one of those trips, it’s thought she may have been bitten by a tick. In the US, the bacteria and resulting disease are well proven – each year 300,000 Americans are diagnosed. But the journey to receiving a diagnosis here in Australia, let alone treatment, is a torturous one. Despite thousands of documented cases across the country, and scientific evidence of the bacteria’s existence in Australia stemming back as far as the 1950’s – the federal government says there’s no concrete proof. As a result, …

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