Action continued in the Pilliga today, as 30 people gathered to protest Santos’ exploration of the forest.

Three people were taken in to custody, following the arrest of a Sydney man yesterday.

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    Totally support these folk. I don’t want an in aside gas field in my region. This whole thing stinks of corruption and illegality.

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    Santos invasive gas field is not welcome in this region or any other in NSW. There is nothing in it for us ordinary folk. Not even any royalties because if you believe Santos, it’s not to be exported. So we the public taxpayers get all the health, water, air, environmental damage and they make massive profits. Only jobs are for 457 visa workers and a few people sell hamburgers and make a temporary killing on the real estate market. Siding Springs loses their clear night sky from flaring and air pollution. Bores are, and will be, damaged. The indigenous people have their precious Billiga desecrated. Roos and other fauna will be slaughtered in their thousands on the Newell. Townies will experience gas field health effects same as in QLD and USA. I’ll be joining in next weekend.

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    What a shameful display by police today, telling media to move on and the way the manhandled these peaceful protestors … why don’t they just admit they’re protecting multinationals so they can destroy the future of this region? Way to go traitors

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    Corrupt dealings by government and mining corporations. If AUSTRALIA allows dredging on The Great Barrier Reef .. now the PILLIGA is being flattened .. what will be next ULURU! (ayers rock)?

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    Complete respect for these farmers. Why didn’t the police just let the people walk to the paddy wagon? A simple “would you please” works a treat with 99% of people. Looks totally unnecessary to be dragging them. Police give themselves a bad name when they do things like this. They need to realise that the majority of the people protesting are just ordinary Australians protesting against an industry whose approvals and progress have been shown, time and time again, to reek of corruption. of process. Arresting the wrong people here.

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    Really it should be crminal..!! The drop in water table, the use of toxic chemicals in the drill hole that passes thru the aquifer(the bore water these ppl drink!) the methane that leaks from the vents the pipeline infrastructure oh, now radon has also been detected at Tara QLD. Lets add the produced water ponds making the rain water undrinkable. Gas bubbling in the condamine river,dams n puddles in the road in doubtful ck nsw. Research. Look at everyday farmers on you tube. Look for yourselves! Dont sign ur neighbours childrens future away. Dont sign ur ‘fee simple title’ away. Look it up….. PLEASE Lock your gates! No more csg!

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    Its our land, our water and our future – the environment doesn’t belong to a multinational who comes in (through questionable process), wrecks our environment, our communities, our businesses and our children’s future, leaving us with nothing.
    Our current governments are are now running with the very worst, negative track records on caring for the environment on which we all depend – how long will it take them to realise that you cant eat coal, and you cant drink gas?
    Lock your gates.

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    I live locally and two of my colleagues were at that protest. So a fact check for the nice Santos lady from people who were there – the vast majority of those protesters were in fact local, from the Narrabri, Coonabarabran and Wee Waa communities and farms., all of which neighbour the Pilliga. There is a lot of opposition to Santos and CSG here and the only reason the forest isn’t flooded with locals protesting is because we are in drought and most people cant take time away from farms or businesses.

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    where are the nationals? aren’t they meant to be looking after the interest of country farming food producing folk? Barnaby you promised!!!

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    next it’s the de-listing of the world heritage areas of Tasmania so the timber can be sold for wood chip, this government is OWNED by the multinationals

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    Keep up the great work, guys! I’ll be there in a few weeks to add my body to the protest. Anyone that has the time and ability to get there should just do it, even for a day or two. We need to increase numbers and awareness. We need to show the government that Australians are united on this issue. Multi-nationals need to just go away and leave us with our farming land and water table intact.

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    I hate those people who are drilling into our pilliga. The whole community and surrounding towns have said ‘NO’ to this drilling. Santos is not welcome here! Yet they continue! Watch as our water resources get worse. I’m glad that people were protesting! If I knew they were doing this today, I would be protesting too!

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    Nitea, they are protesting out there today! AND TOMORROW AND THE DAY AFTER UNTIL THEY HAVE GONE!
    If you can, get out there and bring your friends and family with you.
    For the love of country, for the love of our land help these people in anyway you can.
    Remember though, bring everything you need, especially water.

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    Get over yourselves, how do you think your computers, smart phones etc etc will be charged, bunch of hypocrites unfortunately we need fossil fuels for energy, if you don’t like it stop whining about it on line and using electricity, dumb asses

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    Hey Mick Brown. You are an idiot. I’m pretty sure that the police only dragged these fools because they refused to walk to the paddy wagon when asked. And FINALLY a sensible, realistic and logical comment from someone – Kirk. Like he said, you are protesting against companies that provide electricity. You know, very the stuff that makes your computer work so you cry about it, not to mention your air conditioning and coolroom etc. Hypocrites. Dumb-ass hypocrites.

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    , This “idiot” Dumb-ass hypocrite has taken the time to do research, Kirk and Chris I suggest you do the same.

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    I applaud all the people willing to stand up for their rights to protect the area for their and our future.
    If i wasnt involved in helping to dismantle the Planning Bill for NSW i would be there.

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