Animal-rights activists packed the entrance of the Lennon Brothers circus this afternoon, calling on people to boycott the event.

The 50 strong crowd wanted the use of animals at circuses banned.

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    You would not keep your own pets in a life of misery as these animals are being kept chained up or locked in a cage and made to perform….why is it OK for circus animals to be treated this way???!

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    We’d have our animals taken off us if we kept them in cages 24/7 and forced them to perform for our guests.

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    put the people in the cage and let the animals run free!!!!!

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    put people in cages let animals run free!!!!

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    A couple supposed “full houses” doesn’t compare to the vast majority of Gold Coast’s people who had the decency and took responsibility to stay away from Lennon Bros. and not support such cruel “entertainment”.
    Exploiting animals for profit and some people’s sick amusement is sadistic & out-dated.

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    The fact it was supposedly a full house the other day means jack. Did you see the type of people going to the circus? Scruffy ignorant hillbilly folk of course they don’t care about the animals they don’t even have respect for themselves.

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    Sharron Woodward

    The circus is legalised animal cruelty. Animals are kept in cages, on the end of tethers, in small pens unable to express their natural behaviours. They spend years on the road with no chance for a normal life. They are isolated, bored, abused & suffering. The circus is no place for an animal

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    I went to see this circus the other day and I am neither a hillybilly or ignorant. I work in the animal industry and know when a animal is mistreated these animals were not they were healthy, free of diseases and were not locked in tiny little cages, nothing smaller then what a theme park or zoo would have them in. This is the circuses lively hood they would not put animals on display that weren’t healthy and fit for public eyes. There were animals there that didn’t want to do their act and they didn’t make them. You can see their enclosures out the back and they ate decent sizes. If you don’t like the circus don’t go but people that want to have every right

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    I find it incredible in this day and age animal performing circuses are still legal, yet nudist beach are illegal in QLD

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