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A protest on the Central Coast over the use of exotic circus animals has drawn an angry response from the Lennon Brothers Circus.

Animal Liberation New South Wales are lobbying Gosford to follow in the footsteps of other council’s across the state that have banned animal circuses.

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    danielle webster-barrett

    Yes, I agree with ONE thing that councilor craig doyl said, and that’s that the circus adds a splash of colour to Gosford. But there is no need to have animals, wild animals, lying in cages, in all weathers, boared, lonely in some cases, frustrated and unhappy.

    These animals were not created to ‘perform’ in circuses, I think it is cruel and totally unnecesary to have animals in circuses. Animals in circuses has past its sell by date, many many people are saying the same thing. Humans performing in circus acts are very tallented, and delight the audience MORE than seeing animals.

    Come on Gosford council, listen to you voters, I being one of them, ban live animal circuses and bring back some tallented human performers.

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    I think you’ll find, Mr Doyl, there are people protesting at racetracks and jumps events, and with good reason.

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    Animals in circuses should be banned by all councils not just Gosford. These animals are caged or tethered day in, day out, year in & year out. They are in unnatural environments & unable to express their natural behaviours. They are taught to perform tricks that are foreign to them. These animals live a life of loneliness & misery.

    The people of The Central Coast need to consider the distress these animals are subjected to & take a stand. Please do not support the circus that has animals in them. We would not permit our companion animals to be treated in such a neglectful way so let’s not allow these animals to be treated that way either.

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    there is a reason some states, most municipalities, and even entire countries ban animal circuses they’re cruel! animals in deplorable conditions (like these are at Gosford!) and awful negative reinforcement techniques for training ie bullhooks chains whips electric cattle prods!! the fact they are kidnapped from the wild and their families should be ENOUGH reason! BAN ANIMAL CIRCUSES NOW~! go see cirque de soleil!!

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    As a Gosford council resident I think it’s disgusting how they continue to support animal circuses. Wyong council can get human performers, so why can’t Gosford? Noting the fact Gosford has horse racing does little to help the image considering it is one of the worst tracks for jockeys using whips unnecessarily. Get with the times & get rid of animal circuses full stop.

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