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The planet from January to October has experienced its 9th hottest year on record.

Average temperatures for November in Australia have been above average due to a large pool of hot air sitting over the centre and that statistic could help 2012 rise further on the list of hottest years on record.

That hot air will now be drawn across much of the broadcast area over the next two days thanks to an approaching front. Inland temperatures are likely to exceed 40 degrees but coastal seabreezes will fan the beaches capping temperatures on and near the beaches in the 30s.

There’s a change that will cool things down for the Hunter and Central Coast on Sunday pushing further north during the day.

It won’t have much of an impact inland with maximum temperatures expected to reach the 30s for the NW during the first week of summer.

There’s lots of red algae off many of Australia’s beaches including Newcastle at the moment.

Red algal blooms absorb a lot of Co2 and as Co2 levels increase in the atmosphere more and more of these blooms are developing on our oceans around the world.

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