We’ll bring you updates on the councillor results and latest news on the elections over the coming days.

10 September – NEWCASTLE
Millionaire developer turned Newcastle Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy says he’ll be a businessman first and politician second.

He’s already planning to move the mayoral office from City Hall, next to the General Manager in the Roundhouse.

10 September – PORT STEPHENS

At Port Stephens, it remains a two-horse race.

Former mayor Bruce MacKenzie initially emerged as the frontrunner – but a flow of votes to Geoff Dingle has meant a result could be at least two days away.

10 September

Lake Macquarie and Cessnock
Lake Macquarie is on the verge of history – electing its first female mayor.

Labor’s Jodie Harrison is still waiting for the final count, but her closest rival, independent Wendy Harrison, admits victory is slipping further away.

Further north at Cessnock, it appears the turbulent times continue for the council.

Liberal candidate Cordelia Burcham is seeing red, claiming a Labor letter attacked her in the lead-up to the election.

10 September – Northern Rivers
There’s still a tight race for Byron’s top job with less than a 1000 votes separating Simon Richardson and Diane Woods.

While Ballina Mayoral Candidate Sharon Cadwallader has conceeded defeat to David Wright ahead of preference counting tomorrow.

10 September – Tweed
With 75 per cent of the poll counted, conservative independent Warren Polglase has snared more than 17 per cent of the vote in the Tweed Shire Council elections.

The Greens have also polled well with Katie Milne to return with almost 16 per cent of the vote, but that’s significantly down on the last result.

The big mover though is the Country Labor Party.

It didn’t run last election, but has increased its vote by 12 per cent this time around with Michael Armstrong to earn a seat in Council.

10 September – Port Macquarie
Mayoral front-runner Peter Besseling says he is looking forward to restoring democracy in the Hastings, if sworn into office.

But despite a 12 per cent lead in the polls, the former state MP is not claiming victory just yet.

10 September – Tamworth
Preliminary votes for the region’s local council elections are in and they have returned a mixed bag for the North West.

All councils in the region will have at least one new councillor – while Gunnedah will see some familiar faces return after time away from the chamber.

September 9
Nuatali Nelmes has conceded defeat in the Newcastle Lord Mayoral race to Jeff McCloy.

She spoke with our reporter Nat Wallace and said he “bought the election.”

We’ll have a reaction from McCloy soon and a full wrap up in NBN News tonight at 6.

Jeff McCloy secured 43% of the primary vote.

NELMES, Nuatali (Labor) 28.47%
BUMAN, Aaron (Independent) 7.11%
HAINES, Jacqueline (Independent) 4.78%
SUTTON, John (The Greens) 11.89%
HAVENHAND, Bryan (Independent) 2.69%
PEEBLES, Col (Independent) 1.70%
McCLOY, Jeff (Independent) 43.36%


Labor’s Jodie Harrison is not declaring victory, with 13,500 pre poll votes and 5000 postal votes to still be counted in Lake Macquarie.

Jodie Harrison won 33% of the primary vote in front of Independent Wendy Harrison with 26% of primary vote.

Independent Wendy Harrison is refusing to concede, with postal votes to be counted tomorrow.

MARTIN, Arjay (Independent) 3.23%
PAXINOS, Ken (Liberal) 21.64%
HARRISON, Jodie (Labor) 33.23%
SULLIVAN, Jim (Independent) 8.32%
HARRISON, Wendy (Independent) 25.77%
PARSONS, Phillipa (The Greens) 7.81%

With the primary vote counted, Bob Pynsent of the Country Labor Party is leading with 26% of the vote.

Alison Davey has lost her seat, with Cordelia Burcham sitting behind Bob Pynsent on 16%.

DAVEY, Alison (Independent) 7.95%
RYAN, James (The Greens) 9.87%
THOMAS, Toby (Independent) 8.07%
PYNSENT, Bob (Country Labor) 26.44%
BURCHAM, Cordelia (Liberal) 15.96%
HARVEY, John (Independent) 14.05%
McCUDDEN, Allan (Independent) 5.71%
OLSEN, Ian (Independent) 4.04%
MAIN, Rachel (Independent) 6.18%
GORMAN, Neil (Independent) 1.74%


Maitland’s Peter Blackmore has won another term in office convincingly winning the mayoral election with 54% of the primary vote.

BAKER, Loretta (Country Labor) 19.10%
DAVIS, Jan (The Greens) 6.12%
BLACKMORE, Peter (Independent) 54.00%
PENFOLD, Phillip (Independent) 20.78%

It is a tight race in Port Stephens with preferences to decide who will be the first popularly elected mayor.

Bruce Mackenzie is less than 1000 votes in front of Geoff Dingle.

DINGLE, Geoff 34.19%
MACKENZIE, Bruce 37.48%
DOVER, Sally 28.33%


The next mayor of Singleton will be decided on preferences with Kylie Stibbard around 300 votes in front of John Martin.

MARTIN John (Independent) 22.44%
STIBBARD Kylie (Independent) 25.26%
GALLAGHER Lee (Independent) 4.38%
MOORE Sue (Independent) 16.24%
O’BRIEN Terence (LP) 5.63%
HARVISON Fred (Independent) 12.00%
McNAMARA Tony (Independent) 14.05%

Mayoral Election Primary Votes

PALMER, Bob 8.31%
RHOADES, Keith 19.65%
DONALDSON, John 6.01%
KNIGHT, Denise 18.89%
DEGENS, Rod 12.19%
MULLER, Leo 5.69%
TOWNLEY, Sally 9.06%
ARKAN, John 20.20%

Mayoral Election Primary votes

WADSWORTH Wayne (Independent) 35.16%
TROY Mark (Independent) 64.84%

Mayoral Election Primary votes
HOBAN Rhonda 69.91%
AINSWORTH John 30.09%

Mayoral Election Primary votes

PIERCE Reg 4.76%
WILKINSON Keith 9.76%
McGOWAN Bob 5.53%
ROBERTS Adam 15.64%
INTEMANN Lisa 22.61
GRIFFITHS Sharon 4.33%
BESSELING Peter 34.01%
ALLEY Peter 3.36%

Mayoral Election Primary vote

SPROULE, Jenny 11.95%
SNOWSILL, Alan 8.43%
GRIBBIN, Jim 11.06%
GREEN, Betty 14.94%
BURNETT, James 10.29%
CAMPBELL, Liz 32.36%
SAUL, Dean 10.97%

Mayoral Election Primary vote

BELL, Kathryn 14.87%
WEST, David 19.35%
GALATI, Tony 1.63%
HOGAN, Paul 24.83%
SMITH, Bob 5.58%
EPOV, Peter 15.48%
TICKLE, Alan 11.43%
HUTH, Diceman 6.84%

Richmond Valley residents have voted for change at the local government elections, with Ernie Bennett set to replace fellow Independent Col Sullivan as Mayor.

While the votes are still being tallied, Country Labor’s Jenny Dowell looks certain to secure a second term as Lismore’s Mayor.

Mayoral Election Primary vote

CADWALLADER, Sharon 26.00%
JOHNSON, Jeff 15.91%
WILLIAMS, Keith 13.39%
SMITH, Ben 3.62%
WRIGHT, David 26.00%
MEEHAN, Sue 15.08%

Mayoral Election Primary vote
SUGARMAN, Jack (Independent) 4.42%
MORGAN (Independent) 1.87%
WOODS, Diane(Independent) 31.00%
CAMERON, Basil (Our Sustainable Future) 11.69%
RICHARDSON, Simon (The Greens) 37.04%
IBRAHIM, Sol 13.98%


Jenny Dowell has convincingly won the top job again, claiming more than half of the primary vote.

“To win over 54% of the primary vote is an enormous, I guess, endorsement of my style of being Mayor.” said Ms Dowell.

Mayoral Election Primary vote
MARKS, Neil (Independent) 21.68%
MEINEKE, Graham (Independent) 8.38%
BATTISTA, Gianpiero (Independent) 8.75%
DOWELL, Jenny (Country Labor) 53.35%
BENNETT, Greg 7.85%


Mayoral Election Primary vote
SULLIVAN, Col 22.67%
BENNETT, Ernie (Independent) 44.83%
MUSTOW, Robert 27.10%
MOORE, Rod 5.40%

The green vote is down, the conservative up, and Labor appears to have a seat on council.


Early polling results indicate Tamworth Regional Council is likely to see a mix of old and new faces at the helm.
With more than 30,000 votes already counted, incumbent mayor Col Murray is leading the tally with about 18 percent of the vote.
Deputy mayor Russell Webb is second with just over nine per cent.
Newcomers Mark Rodda and Tim Coates are also in a strong position, while Ray Tait may not be able to retain his position.

Several Wyong Shire Council seats have been decided in Wards A and B following yesterday’s local government elections.

Further south, former Central Coast Mariners coach Lawrie McKinna looks certain to become a Gosford City councillor.

For up to date counts visit the

About Diana Bushby

Diana Bushby is news media producer/reporter with NBN News Newcastle. After studying Journalism at Canberra University, Diana has worked in the media industry for 4 years.


  1. avatar

    If the suggested Preferencing was followed, then Wendy Harrison will beat Jodie Harrison by about 2-3% ~ about 2500 to 3000 votes.

    That is; basically by the size of my suggested voting card.

    ‘How to vote cards’ are only a suggestion – and should be renamed.

    Arjay Martin.


  2. avatar

    How did Jeff McCloy buy the election – I saw just as many Labor ads and billboards and bus stop ads as McCloy – shows the character of the candidate if that is why she thinks she LOST the election – well done to the Libs getting 4 possibly 5 across the line :)

  3. avatar

    I really wouldn’t be trusting Arjay’s political nouse after the result yesterday. I can tell you though that preferences were NOT flowing through on the independent / Lib side. Basically what they did was split the vote, you could tell they started to realise this when a liberal campaign worker tried to rip the beard off of a ILA worker at a booth in East Ward and the police were called.

  4. avatar

    After watching the preference flows for most of the day at the returning office the only likely competition could possibly come from Ken Paxinos if he was to out poll Wendy and then use her preferences that are flowing at 40% to try and get close. This would be a difficult ask considering Wendy’s current lead over Ken. Labor’s position just got stronger with 2500 prepoll votes counted at Toronto which was thought to be a stronghold for Wendy but the result was only a clawback of 150 votes against Jodie Harrison. If this is replicated across the next 11000 prepoll votes then Jodie should be comfortable to call it before postals are counted on Tuesday. Hopefully a result by Monday afternoon.

  5. avatar

    A suprising result so far for lake macquarie. Well done to Ken Paxinos for giving labor and ila a decent challenge.

  6. avatar

    We can change the Ministers as many times as we like, but Sir Humphrey Appleby is still the master.

  7. avatar

    It seems we novocastrians understand the definition of stupidity. How could we have expected to achieve change / improvement for our city and suburbs if we persisted to vote for the same people / political parties who would have continued to be bogged down with unproductive agendas. I feel more comfortable that I will get better value from my rates. My vote is not for sale and to make a comment that an election can be bought insults our intelligence. Sorry Nuatali, maybe we are just not as stupid as labor had hoped?

  8. avatar

    Where do I find results for Dungog Shire Elections?

  9. avatar

    Where do I find results for Great Lakes Shire Elections

  10. avatar

    Where do you find results you ask? (Copy and paste if need be).

    Party politics and their love of multicultural agenda, pass thanks. Welcome – to the sinking ship Australia, all aboard, last call…..

  11. avatar

    Consider the link in my post above – out of date, see the link below anyway to learn why it is so:-


  12. avatar

    Shame a lake macquarie resident has won selection for Mayor of Newcastle. High rise buildings and over development will now be the norm in Newcastle….what a shame!

  13. avatar

    Have you seen hunter street lately? Newcastle NEEDS development.

  14. avatar

    I’m told (by Daniel Wallace and Greg Piper) that the Preferencing is not going well for Wendy.

    LMCCguy my expenditure on the election was around 1/100th to 1/400th (literally) of the various Groups and Parties… yet I ended up with (so far) nearly half of The Greens and Back to Basics First Preference Votes (FPV); and about 1/10th of the highest receiver of FPV.

    I got the most votes, per dollar spent / per volunteer / etc.

    If you are so great, then why didn’t you go in the election (even though you might well be another Candidate hiding behind a ‘pen name’)? You might well have, so I will rephrase it to add ‘as an individual’ :-D

    Congratulations to the winner.

    Arjay Martin.


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