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A planning blunder by Lismore City Council means homeless people in the centre of town will be sleeping under the stars for at least another year. The proposed site for a shelter is in a flood-prone area, and the council has been told to find another location.

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The Ballina stables at the centre of a deadly virus scare remains quarantined, while government vets carry out further tests. One horse had been showing symptoms of the potentially fatal Hendra virus, but initial test results proved inconclusive. The horse has now recovered. On Tuesday, all 15 horses at the stables next to Ballina racecourse were tested, and all returned negative results. But the Department of Primary Industries remains cautious given the serious nature of the virus. Stable hands who had come into contact with the sick horse were also given blood tests.

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After years of planning and debate, fluoride will be added to Casino’s water supply in December. Richmond Valley Council has been directed by the state government to push ahead with the plan, and is educating residents on their fluorided futures.

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Two Lismore men are launching their own bid to help in the fight against climate change. They’re starting a cooperative project to provide low-cost solar systems, and they have already had a huge response from locals.

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It’s Missing Persons Week across Australia, and this year police are hoping to raise awareness of a growing problem. They’re focusing the campaign on young women, who make up the majority of people who disappear.

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Organisers of this year’s Splendour in the Grass are hailing the event as a huge success. And police have praised the behaviour of the thousands of revellers, most of whom kept on the right side of the law.

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Southern Cross University has gained a tick of approval as a suitable option for school leavers in 2009. The Lismore-based university has achieved a five-star rating in the Good Universities Guide, for flexibility in its student entry marks. Nationally the guide found that education, engineering and medicine are providing students with the best career prospects. Surveys suggest that job prospects and starting salaries aren’t as great in accountancy, agriculture and tourism.

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There have been calls for an all-of-government approach to combat the damage of rising sea levels, coastal erosion and storm surges. Scientists, engineers and staff from 38 coastal councils are this week examining climate change predictions. The think-tank is occurring at the national conference of the Institute of Public Works and Engineers in Coffs Harbour. Next week the State and Federal Governments will be briefed on the outcomes. [display_podcast]

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