Dozens of Hunter families with on-site vans at Pacific Palms have been told to hit the road.

They’re being evicted from the former Palms Oasis Holiday Park to make way for an over 55s village.

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  1. Progress. Dynamics change. Lots of employment opportunities for tradies when new homes are built. The company that bought the park, bought it with the intention to redevelop the site. For the safety of everyone concerned, the park needs to cease as a holiday park in order to be redeveloped into an over 55 facility. Even the shop and petrol station will be closed while the redevelopment is happening.

    • All well and good if you aren’t one of the long term residents, hey? You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, even if the eggs are vulnerable people with limited options.
      It will be interesting to see if karma catches up with the developers in this epoch of fiscal restraint, and what that does to their hopes and dreams. I would wish them luck but, well….

  2. They’re doing the same thing at Redhead Caravan Park on the Mid North Coast. Manufactured holiday homes are being bulldozed if the owner can’t afford to re-locate or sell them. I spoke to a teacher who had been coming with her family every year and then suddenly she was told that the park had been sold and she’d have to move the manufactured home or lose it. Unfortunately, there’s a loophole in the law and these new manufactured homes estates are only charged a pittance in Council rates for the whole estate because it’s classed as one parcel of land, rather than individual houses. Recently in Tallwoods, on the mid north coast, a similar situation was averted when angry residents persuaded Mid Coast Council to vote against gateway’s development application. Under the current zoning, 82 houses could have been built – with a potential of at least $82,000 in rates revenue but the developers admitted that the rates would only be around $13,000 for the 202 homes they were planning to build.
    When the General Manager was questioned regarding the rates loss, he said that Council wouldn’t actually lose a cent because they’d just put everyone else’s rates up to cover the loss. Council and Gateway would have been laughing all the way to the bank!
    Ironically, these laws were meant to encourage low cost housing in areas, which were otherwise unaffordable. But the whole of the mid north Coast is pretty much low cost housing already, compared to Sydney. What a shame when young families are priced out of the holiday market by greedy developers. Pretty soon all beachfront land will be for the over 55s.

  3. The elephant in the room here is that our area is already like a giant aged care centre with a huge imbalance of older folk compared to young, and having yet another facility for older people just serves to make things even worse by attracting yet more in that age group, and so that imbalance continues to get worse and worse. This development is not a good thing for our community and should never have been approved. This council should be sacked.

  4. The area doesn’t have the infrastructure for all this sort of thing. An hour plus from hospital/ambulance. 30 minutes to the nearest coles/woolies. Its a holiday town not a retirement village.

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