There was a major upset in Group 2 rugby league yesterday with Sawtell running out surprising winners over the mighty Grafton Ghosts – who were lacking key players.

In other matches the Rebels accounted for Nambucca and Orara Valley had a solid win over Macksville.

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  1. It’s great to see Orara chalk up a win!

    It’s very disappointing to see the ‘boys club’ referee’s association (and in turn the Group 2 administration) have improved their performance too! A referee that cannot keep up with the game nor make a decisive decision when player safety is involved is not conducive to a quality first grade rugby league match nor a healthy competition, the sad state of group 2 supports that view.

    The Group 2 administration needs a clean out, a review of its operations and a restructure.

    The same offenders have been getting away with the same rubbish for the last 15 years and the same referees/judiciary empowering their behavior… No wonder AFL, surf groms and other sports have moved ahead in leaps and bounds whilst we head backwards.

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