An Australian first, which hopes to help address homelessness is taking shape in Gosford.

A group of tiny Homes under construction is certainly attracting attention but it’s what they have managed to squeeze inside that’s got people talking.


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  1. Why is there a background image of Centrepoint/AMP Tower in this image? That is not in Gosford, nor is it visible anywhere from Gosford or the entire Central Coast NSW. The Central Coast is not part of Sydney.

    • It was to show that the concept is applicable everywhere, urban or regional, not just in Gosford.

  2. Refugee families housed in England were all given homes with doors painted a strange colour only used by refugee housing. A lot of them took abuse from numpty head anti-social screwballs . The colour of the doors made them a target . Homes for Heroes ( ex HM Forces ) built all homes from a template & you know immediately who they belong to. Two instances of creating targets for abuse. Hope Aussies have better manners than we have .x

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