There’s been a new development in the unsolved murder of an elderly Newcastle grocer.

Frank Newbery, the much-loved owner of ‘Frank’s Ham & Beef’, died of a blunt head injury, after being bashed at his Cooks Hill store on March 12th 2007.

An inquest into the killing, five years later, failed to shed any light on the violent attack, despite witnesses providing descriptions of two men.

But detectives are now investigating whether attackers may have been targeting Mr Newbery, as opposed to initial theories that the incident was a random robbery gone wrong.

Mr Newbery had been the owner of the business for more than 50 years, a $100,000 reward for information has stood for eight years.


  1. Whilst I am truly happy that new evidence has come to light for dear old Frank’s murder of which I truly hope will bring him Justice finally! I am saddened that after over 10 years Roslyn Reay’s murder still remains unsolved & appears to be forgotten. Not only has a reward still not been offered in her case after years of it remaining cold but her family weren’t even informed about the date of her Coronial Inquest in 2008. Until after the fact, when her Daughter found out the horrifying news from a reporter, who asked her what she thought of the Coroner’s finding. Roslyn lived not 50 metres from Frank’s shop, was a loyal customer & friend. However due to her mental health issues has been treated worse than a second class citizen when it comes to Justice for her & her family. I love Frank, he was a beautiful kind hearted Gentleman & I truly hope Justice is served for him & his family. And I mean no disrespect but why was a reward given to his case & not for Roslyn Reay’s?

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